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Make Your Own Bespoke Crystal Pendulum & Learn How To Dowse!

Ever wanted to know how to find the answers to your questions, to know what foods are good for you, know if your aura and chakras are balanced or if your home is healthy? Then this workshop is for you!

You will choose a crystal of your choice to create your special pendulum. We will attune it to you and your frequencies, your spirit guides and Guardian Angel (if you would like to connect with them), enabling you to tap into your “inner guidance”. You will learn the ancient art of dowsing and how you can use it to improve every aspect of your life.

If you would like to learn how make your own pendulum, to use your intuition, connect to your Guides and Angels, then please come along to this enlightening and enjoyable workshop.  All materials included.

Please contact Janina for more details or to book a place: E-mail:, Mobile: 07968 789290 or visit:

Cost: £35.00