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Setting the Soul Free Workshop with Declan Kerr

We are pleased to announce the first workshop after our summer break and we feel this workshop will be a great way to finish it, and start the Autumn in full essence. 

About the workshop...

The soul is the essence of a person, the blueprint, the part of us that seeks expression. A soul gets trapped anytime a person is thinking one thing but doing something different. A person could begin to wonder is the outer self and the inner self the same person?

To free the soul is to bring it into awareness. The soul has been out of awareness for a while because we have been focusing on the outside, learning how to survive, how to get on, how to live life. In contrast the soul is not the outside it is the inside. The soul is the inner self.

The other block to bringing the soul into awareness is that we have been applying the learning we have from the outside to the inside - we look for proof of spirit or to justify feelings for instance. However, the inside is not the outside and will never materialise as the outside for it is not material, it is spiritual.

To bring the soul into awareness is to let go of what it is not and bring in what it is. In this workshop we’ll look at some examples. It’s taking something very familiar and looking at it in a different way.

Because the soul is the inner self when we allow it into awareness we are able to be our self. At that point reality changes. At that point we set ourselves free.

The workshop will take place on 31st August 2018 from 7pm - 9pm with Declan Kerr. Author of Finding Your Other Half. To book a place let us know at the Divine Hub tel: 0161 434 7720 or email Declan directly at Investment - £20pp.