Healing & Therapies

At The Divine Hub we offer a range of different healing & therapies that can rebalance & restore your wellbeing, from angel card readings to chakra rebalance & hypnotherapy.

Meet our team below

  Founder of The Divine Hub

Founder of The Divine Hub

Treatments by Maureen Di Felice (Rose Divine Healing)

Maureen is the founder & owner of the Divine Hub and is well known for her Angel Card Readings, Psychic Readings and Spiritual Guidance in Manchester UK, Nationally and Internationally.

Maureen also has recently qualified in Cognitive & Clinical Hypnotherapy and offers a whole range of treatments from The Divine Hub.

For a list of services & further details of what she has to offer click on tab below.

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Janina Kaye

Janina is a Starseed Light worker, teacher & jewellery maker who is dedicated to raising the energy of individuals to a state of love and light.

Janina uses highly attuned crystals, to connect clients to healing frequencies and offers a range of unique therapies channelled from the realms of the Divine.  

Janina offers:

  • Angelic Starlight Healing - Guidance & higher vibration healing from the Starlight Angels
  • Lemurian Crystal Healing – Reconnection & healing using ancient Lemurian Seed crystals
  • Reiki of Atlantis – Connection & powerful past life Atlantean DNA healing
  • Blue Dolphin Angel Healing – Heart & Inner Child ocean soul healing, bringing in love & serenity from the Blue Dolphins
  • Mermaid Goddess Ocean Healing – Deep restorative healing with the Mermaids, connecting you with your inner “Siren” beauty and your Divine feminine power
  • Elemental and Golden Atlantean Unicorn Healing – Pure Elemental healing & guidance brought to you by these gentle but Divine beings of pure light and unconditional love.

Every treatment is different offering the opportunity to experience unique energies & channelled guidance, helping to restore you to a place of inner peace & balance.

Treatments are £40 for for 1 hour.

Janina also offers Karmic Past Life, Soul Ascension healing/attunements & 121 life path readings.

For further information on therapies and workshops, please take a look at https://www.facebook.com/lemuriancrystaltips222.  

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Please feel free to contact Janina if you have any questions about a treatment or would like to know more:

Mob.: 07968 789290

E-mail: jan1na@aol.com


Andrea Joy

Andrea Joy is an experienced practising Tarot/Angel intuitive card reader.

Andrea puts loving service to others at the top of her list and greets everyone with a warm and friendly approach, offering guidance, clarity and ultimately self empowerment to her clients. Her treatments offer pure relaxation and a feeling of calm and can often include personal and spiritual insights and deeper understanding to individuals.

Treatments on offer with Andrea:

  • Intuitive card reading one hour £33.00
  • intuitive card reading half an hour £23.00

Call or email Andrea to book your appointment and/or enquire about her treatments and services.

Tel.: 07852 829442



Angel Heart Healing with Shirley McIntosh

Angel Heart Healing is an angelic healing service in South Manchester run by Shirley McIntosh. She works with and is guided by the angelic realm, the ascended masters and devic beings.

Shirley offers the following services:

  • Tarot card readings £50 for 1 hour
  • Angel card readings £50 for 1 hour
  • Soul Guidance and Mediumship readings £50 for 1 hour
  • Akashic record readings £70 for 1 hour
  • Angelic healing £70 for 1 hour

She also makes and sells soul blends. These are vibrational essential oil blends to help open your heart chakra, to heal emotional wounds and anchor higher frequencies of light.

To book an appointment or to get more information about the services provided by Angel Heart Healing, call Shirley on 07952 576412; email: shirley@angelhearthealing.co.uk or visit: www.angelhearthealing.co.uk 


Barbara Louvrou - Holistic Health Change Maker

Barbara is a Holistic Health Change Maker. She has worked for over 30 years in nutrition and naturopathy, and for 15 years help create more ease in people's lives working with them on their emotions and beliefs using varied modalities. Including life coaching and Access Consciousness the latter bringing about most quick effective change.

It was working with in a holistic way that brought Barbara back to health from Cancer. Refusing chemo and radical hysterectomy she was told that she would die, and may have done had she not taken responsibility for her own body and health.

Barbara  is passionate about empowering people who are committed to create change in their lives. That sick and tired means they will take whatever steps they need to take to reclaim their health.

Barbara has worked with the Odeon and Bridgewater, and schools such as Bramhall High, Beechwood Cancer Care, ITV News, BBC Salford and local radio stations.  She has appeared in glossy magazines such as Candice and Natural Health. All promoting physical and emotional health.

Barbara works with clients on a 121 basis and delivers workshops and webinars for everyone and therapists and anyone interested in health.

She teaches specific body processes, tools and techniques from Access Consciousness TM – all of which help your body heal naturally.

For more information please contact Barbara on 07961 381 996 or email  be@thewellworks.co.uk