Gouri Lal

Easibirthing® Hypnosis for Birth is the only independently accredited ‘Hypnobirthing’ course in the UK.

Gouri is a specialist in Easibirthing®, an evidence-based UK developed programme which is specifically designed to help women have the best birth experience possible. Easibirthing® is a relaxing and enjoyable course which teaches expectant women and their birth partners the powerful skills of self-hypnosis, correct breathing, emotional release and meditation to ensure they enter their birth feeling confident and empowered. Easibirthing® courses are bespoke and are usually offered as one-to-one sessions or occasionally in very small groups (as you prefer) to ensure personalisation. Easibirthing® can be tailored for vaginal, VBAC and C-section births.

The cost of a full Easibirthing® course is £270 (two 3.5 hour sessions)

The cost of the basic Easbirthing® course is £140 (one 3.5 hour session)

Costs include all hypnosis recordings, handouts and ongoing support.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about Easibirthing® and to discuss which course structure will be best for you. Gouri can be contacted on 07837 380665.