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Reiki is a form of therapy that uses simple hands on, no touch and visualization techniques. The goal is to improve the flow of life energy into a person. We have three Reiki Masters working from The Divine Hub: Sam Stott, Andrea Joy and Gouri Lal.


Sam Stott

Here's a few words from Sam about her work.

"Reiki pronounced (Ray-key) meaning 'universal life energy' in Japanese. Reiki is used to alleviate problems of energy flow on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki is used to relieve stress and pain, and to improve the symptoms of various health conditions. I work with my spirit guides and the angels to help me when doing a treatment. I will also balance your Chakras and check for any blockages and any alignment issues you may have. Sessions are 60 minutes long and cost £35

I now also offer Reiki Attonement at £50 a session."

To book a session today or to find out more information call us at the Hub or contact Sam directly on 07525 617338


Andrea Joy

Andrea Joy is a practicing qualified Reiki Master Therapist (2007). She is also qualified to a level 3 in Swedish Massage (2005).

Andrea puts loving service to others at the top of her list and greets everyone with a warm and friendly approach, offering guidance, clarity and ultimately self empowerment to her clients. Her treatments offer pure relaxation and a feeling of calm and can often include personal and spiritual insights and deeper understanding to individuals.

Treatments on offer with Andrea:

Reiki healing therapy one hour £33.00

Reiki healing therapy half an hour £23.00

Call or email Andrea to book your appointment and/or enquire about her treatments and services.

Tel.: 07852 829442


Gouri Lal

Gouri is a CNHC registered holistic therapist and Reiki teacher. She utilises traditional and modern therapeutic techniques including Usui Reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP, and traditional Buddhist meditation with an aim to promote general wellbeing, emotional balance and spiritual connection.

Gouri has been practicing Reiki since 2004 and training students since 2012. Reiki training is not just about learning to use your hands to heal. Gouri strongly believes that Reiki training is a path to personal and spiritual happiness, which also enables you to heal yourself and others. There are many variants of Reiki these days, all of which are hugely beneficial to the individual. As a Reiki Master, Gouri teaches Usui Reiki Ryoho, the original and most popular Reiki method.

What does Reiki training involve?

All Reiki Masters teach Reiki differently, many courses run for just a day or two, which is fine. However, Gouri has chosen to use a more traditional approach, incorporating methods to enable you to improve your mind in the process and to deepen your experience of Reiki in a spiritual sense. Therefore each Reiki degree level takes a few months to complete and all that is asked from you is whole-hearted commitment.

Reiki I (Shoden): Four sessions over about 4 months

Reiki II (Okuden): Two sessions over 2 months

Gouri’s Reiki courses are done on a one-to-one level or in small groups to ensure that the student can develop according to their own needs. During your training you will receive homework and will be expected to practice accordingly. Gouri is here to support you on your journey, she believes Reiki training is a “Time of student and Master working together”.

The cost of the Level One (Shoden) course is £250 including manual, handouts and ongoing support.

Feel free to get in touch to have a chat about Reiki Training. It is of utmost importance that a student feels comfortable with the Reiki Master.

Gouri can be contacted on 07837380665.


Fancy attending a Reiki Share?  

Introducing our Reiki Share Group.

A chance to practice Reiki with like minded individuals.