At The Divine Hub  

Our Hypnotherapy sessions are undertaken by Maureen Di Felice From Rose Divine and Alison Jenkinson.

Maureen Di Felice


Maureen offers Cognitive & Clinical Hypnotherapy to help with the following:

* Phobias

* Confidence Building

* Self Esteem

* Stress Management

* Age Regression

* Weight Loss

* Addiction to Smoking

* Panic Attacks

* Anxiety Disorders

£50 per session


£175 for 4 sessions

(Concessions available)

Maureen has trained with http://www.kewtraining.com/

For more information or to book a session, please contact Maureen directly on 07747 697333 or by emailing maureen@thedivinehub.com


Alison Jenkinson


Jim Rohn, (American Motivational Speaker) says,

‘’Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.’’

I think this is the essence of Hypnotherapy, it is all about changing patterns. This could be patterns of behaviour, from smoking and overeating to patterns of thinking from thinking negatively to underappreciating yourself.

Hypnotherapy is most commonly associated with helping the relief of stress and anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma, flashbacks, healing the past and much more. Hypnotherapy is a useful tool when used in conjunction with counselling, I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor and this supports our work together.

Hypnotherapy essentially guides us into a state of deep relaxation, perhaps a bit like a daydream. Once we are here we are more suggestible, although it is important to note that no one can ever make you do something you do not wish to when you are hypnotised. You will always have control and free will. Hypnotherapy simply takes you to a place where the internal world is more interesting and evident than the external world. Hypnotherapy works with our subconscious mind to promote change in our lives.

I work by creating a calm, peaceful and safe space for you to begin to explore the issues that have brought you to hypnotherapy.  We will first have a conversation to identify your goals and agree what methods we will use to achieve them. Our aim is for you to leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed, with a plan to achieve your goals.

There may be suggestions for you to use after the sessions, including working with a particular script, a visualisation or another technique which will support your development.

Practical bits

Sessions last one hour and the cost is £45.00.

To book or for moe information please email: amjenkinson@googlemail.com

or phone 07711 605832


BA (Hons) Psychology


Diploma in Crystal Healing

Diploma in Hypnotherapy, (Registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register)

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Level 4. (BACP Registered)