Meditation Classes At The Divine Hub


Relaxation & Angelic Meditation

Our relaxation meditation classes are a time for you to clear your mind, connect with your thoughts & relax in our wonderful space.

Our classes run:


Monday 1.00pm-2.00pm

Wednesday 7.30pm-8.30pm

Cost: £8 pp (concessions available)

All our welcome & no need to book

Yoga Nidra with Tibetan Singing Bowls


What is Yoga nidra?

It is also known as yogic sleep, the state between awake and sleep. Imagine the end of a yoga class, the relaxation part but for a full hour! Yoga nidra is a guided meditation, where we tune into the sensations of the body, the breath and to set a deep resolve. We will be deepening our meditation practice through the harmonies of Singing Bowls. 

Every Thursday (except the last Thursday of the month) 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Cost : £8 per person

We have 5 places per class so booking is essential.

Please email Rosanne at to book your space.

Rosanne is a Hatha Yoga instructor trained in Tibetan Singing Bowls and here what she has to say about her journey as a instructor.

"I trained in India for 2 months to follow my passion in Yoga; I loved it so much I came back to Manchester wanting to share what I had learned. Yoga practice with me focuses on the breath, our senses and resetting ourselves back to neutral. The breath is such a powerful tool and combined with Tibetan Singing Bowls it can help deepen our practice, to allow ourselves to return to our natural state of being, neutral. 

I am so grateful for the diverse opportunities that teaching yoga has brought to my life; Charity projects (Yoga4Water), yoga-dance collaborations, partnered movement classes, yoga events and connecting with yoga communities all over the world!"

To find out more of what Rosanne does visit her web site or follow her on: 


Andrea Joy


Andrea Joy has over three years experience of working with groups in guided meditations (moon and Angel).

Andrea puts loving service to others at the top of her list and greets everyone with a warm and friendly approach, offering guidance, clarity and ultimately self empowerment to her clients. Her treatments offer pure relaxation and a feeling of calm and can often include personal and spiritual insights and deeper understanding to individuals.

NEW Guided"PURE JOY"meditations@The Hub Didsbury

Fridays 12.30pm-1.30pm weekly one hour guided meditation £7.50 starting 2nd February 2018

New Guided "PURE JOY" Saturday Social Meditations@The Hub Didsbury

Saturdays 6pm-7pm fortnightly one hour guided meditation £7.50 starting 3rd February 2018

Call or email Andrea to book your appointment and/or enquire about her treatments and services.

Tel.: 07852 829442


Tariek Sol-Nar


Tariek is the founder of the Manchester Spirituality Group. He is a lightworker that works intimately with others throughout their journey. Channelling divine light he offers meditation, individual healings, group healings and workshops in the Greater Manchester region. Further information can be found at:

Email Tariek to book an appointment and/or to enquire about his services.


Catherine (Elestial Therapy)


Catherine is a registered and accredited Meditation Practitioner, trained with the British School of Meditation. In her classes, Catherine aims to use her own personal experience of developing a daily meditation practice to help cope with anxiety, grief and a stressful lifestyle, to help others learn about this amazing practice and its many benefits. Catherine teaches a variety of styles of meditation, predominantly focused on mindfulness, improving our relationships with ourselves and others and creating a happier balance in our mind and lives. By teaching different meditation styles, Catherine will help you to develop a commitment and passion for the practice too; finding the best techniques to suit you, depending on your own personal reasons for wishing to learn meditation.

Catherine can be contacted on 07958 508035 or via email: