Ever wanted to explore your psychic ability? Discover and enhance your hidden psychic powers and connect with your intuition and sixth sense. We all have a psychic ability. Rose Divine believes that we can all, if we so choose, develop our innate gifts and 'second sight' in order to help both ourselves and others. 

Join us on a Monday evening between 7.15pm-9pm at The Hub to explore your psychic capability.

This interactive group will explore different ways we can confidently use our inner wisdom to enhance our spiritual growth. 

A typical session can cover any of the following topics:

* Mediumship & healing

* Grounding & Connecting

* Meditation & Chakras

* Clairvoyance

* Past lives & in between lives

* Rescue work & dreams and much more....

Sessions are run by international psychic & medium Rose Divine and are spilt into 2 ability groups on a monthly basis.

Please see the calendar for dates.

* Investment £10 per session

To find out further information or for a informal chat with Maureen call 07747 697333 or email: maureen@thedivinehub.com


What is a Psychic?

 A Psychic has a natural ability to 'pick up' information generated by your energy field. Psychics work in different ways, be it Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Psychometry or a combination of these.

Your energy field or the energy embedded in your personal possessions (used in Psychometry) knows no time. It is for this reason that a Psychic can often offer you information about your past, present and future.

There are many methods of applying Psychic Abilities and different practitioners will offer their own slant on this. The way Rose Divine works and indeed the basis of her practice is that we are responsible for our own lives and life decisions. Free will always takes a precedence and any assistance from her Psychic abilities is just that - helping you to gain a clearer insight into who you are now, which will in turn assist you in making clearer, calmer and more grounded decisions for your future.


What is a Medium?

 A Medium has the ability to communicate with Spirit. This usually means people who have once lived and have passed over, very often loved ones, relatives and even family pets.

Mediums can offer support by channelling messages from your loved ones.

Some Mediums do this purely to offer 'evidence' that there could be an after life and thus keep messages to a minimum and brief.

Others, like Rose Divine, prefer to leave this open to the Spirit being channelled and the client - leaving the space flexible in order for the appropriate message to be received by the client in that moment.

As with Psychic ability, Mediumship can be used with other abilities.

Rose Divine uses her Mediumship gift as part of the Angel Readings she provides in order to offer a wider view of the situation.